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Special Gambling Sites for everyone interested in gambling: - Extensive poker directory for those looking for more poker information.

Free Roulette - Effective professional roulette tips and advice.

Live Action Poker - The site is one of the freeroll poker sites that gives real prizes for free poker games.

Wikipedia - The principles and rules of the pontoon, the most popular blackjack variant.

Casino Gambling - Basics, strategy and bankroll management for all popular casino games.

Dmoz - The list of the sites that provide detailed slots information.

Noted Poker Authority - The site with poker advice columns written by Ed Miller, the author of five poker books and four poker DVDs.

Bluff Magazine - Monthly poker bluff magazine for those interested in poker.


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Blackjack Gambling

Efficient blackjack gambling guide will furnish you with the latest information on blackjack, tips, strategies and card-counting techniques.

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You can play slots for free at the slots guide that also offers slots rules, tips and slots catalogue to help you choose the game you want.

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Enjoy Gala International Casino so you can boost your casinos &poker capability.