The Art of Betting & How to Gain

Betting is making a large amount of people dance on its tune. But there are only some players who actually know their intention behind betting. However betting without any reason is not at all a beneficial practice. “What is my purpose behind betting?” This question is very much advisable to every poker player when they indulge themselves in large betting.

Purpose of betting

The reasons behind betting habit could be anything depending on person to person. Some of them are mentioned below

a)    Urge of winning the pot
b)    Making more than enough money for future betting purpose.
c)    Only for maintain a composed state of mind so that rest of the games can be played perfectly.
d)    Just for the sake of betting.
e)    For making the opponents bankrupt

These are some of the most common as well as significant factor because of which people enters in the world of betting.

Art involved in poker

Becoming a good player in poker is not at all less than an art. There are several significant factors which has to be considered so as to avoid failure. Many players think the more is the strength of their hand the better would be their game. However, the truth is entirely different. Strength of the hand is not the only factor which matters in poker. Sandbagging, calling, checking, betting, bluffing, passing and raising are all other factors which equally matters for a good game. All these factors share a common goal which is to gain. Earning more funds has to be the core objective behind every bet. These factors hold their own importance depending which phase of the game you are dealing with.

Actual meaning of gain

Gain is the end objective of every game a player play. Whatever he gets by playing a good hand is his gain. This is such an objective which should be given a vital importance by every player. One can also say that ‘there is no game without gain’.

Every step taken by the gamer should be taken by keeping in mind the importance of gaining. Every player must have a clarity in his mind that at the end of the game it would the gain which would matter in their life. They should not at all move forward in their gaming life without having this clarity in their mind.

It is true that the above mention purposes of gaming perfectly fits in today’s era , however, some of them cam distract the player from  playing his true game. For example: making the opponent bankrupt. Well if we see it by just being a common man this kind of attitude is not at all correct. On the other hand the factor ‘making more money for future betting’ is very much beneficial as it would help the player to play freely.

At the end it would be concluded whether you are a beginner or an expert player you must have a valid reason to play and it could be anything listed above in this discussion. So next time you would be going to try your luck in poker, ask your self, why am I doing this?


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