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We are glad to see you at the page of Rupert Poker Club! Our club has got its name for two reasons: geographically we are situated in Rupert, Idaho and the club is headed by Rupert Elroy, poker player with 12-year experience at live games and at online casinos. It took a lot of efforts to create this website and find out all information which now is presented here. Though Rupert is professional poker player, he has his own strategies to play poker, which may not suit for other players. That is why he’s made a survey among players of top online US poker sites and they told some their secrets and tips which helped them when they just started to play poker. All the details, which should be known by beginners, may be found here, so even if you have no experience in gambling, you may be sure that everything will be explained clearly. The purpose Rupert established the club for is to unite people that like poker and to introduce everybody to the captivating world of poker. So…Welcome!

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Find out the best sites for gambling and make your bets only at the reliable ones. If you want to be not only poker professional, but also a person who is good in different casinos games Paripesa India, please make an investigation on the gambling sites. Looking for online casino games which combine the convenience of online gambling with the personal touch of live dealers? Try live games at leading online casinos, where you can watch the wheel spun or the dice being thrown, all the while enjoying chit-chat with the live dealer. The graphics in the new enhanced roulette app that you can find when you go to the All Slots Mobile Casino are spectacular. You can play and never think of the fact that you are using a smaller screen because of the sharpness and the attention to detail it has.


Bonus: 50%

Match Bonus: $200

Software: PlayTech


Bonus: 100%

Match Bonus: $500

Software: PlayTech


Bonus: 100%

Match Bonus: $650

Software: PlayTech

Poker Tournament

Poker tournaments is the best way to try out your skills in poker gambling. If you are sure, that you are a poker master, take part into the competitions and prove that other players are worse than you. Read about the ways of how to participate at the tournaments of that kind and get ready to become a poker winner!

Many online casinos have taken patterns from land-based casinos to design their online casino games. The matter is that casino games are loved and appreciated in their origin form and no one wants to play new games without having a possibility to play those which they’ve got used to. But online games should be of really high quality players want to play them.

Though players have really huge choice of places to play, some of the casinos are known by all online casino admirers for their offers attractive bonus and promotion system, variety of games to play and huge progressive jackpot.

Winning Hands

Find out the descriptions of all poker hands. If you just start your career of poker gamblers, this information is essential for you.

Betting System

Get to know how to bet at poker games. Keep in mind that your earnings depend not only on your skills and luck, but also on bets.


Bluffing is one of the most used strategies at poker. Do you need to bluff or no? Does it really help to win? Find out the answer here.

Game Plan

Poker is not a game od chance – you should be aware of all the game tricks in order to be successful. Create your own winning strategy!

Getting started in branded random online poker games

Online poker games are the representation of having fun. In fact, poker is the most popular card game in the world and its popularity has carried over to its digital version on sites like Gaming Club making it one of the most popular online casino games in the world. It engenders adrenaline and wits in players and is also a form of socializing with its various players. When first getting started with online poker many players tend to rush into depositing large amounts of money at the biggest online poker sites they can lay their hands on.

There are a much better ways to start in online poker which are also very entertaining. One of the best ways for players to get a hold in the online poker world is to start out by playing at free at quality poker sites for US players. You certainly have more than enough to choose from. This will help you to learn the rules that govern the game of poker without you having to risk your own money. Although poker’s rules are simple, the game is rather fast paced. Players usually have less than 30 seconds to make their move. It is for this reason extremely important that you are able to quickly grasp the cards that you have and how they combine in different ways to create a winning hand.

Poker Tools

Odds Calculator

Calculate how many chances to win you have!

Buy Poker Stuff

Buy poker products to play your favorite game at home.


You can play slots for free at the slots guide that also offers slots rules, tips and slots catalogue to help you choose the game you want.


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