Learn Poker Hands and Win the Game

People who have just started playing pokers have many questions in their minds. They want to know about bets and how to read others hands. It is important to learn poker and the strategies to win blackjack. There are different types of poker hands and their applications. In this article we are going to tell you about some of the important poker hands.

Before we go through the hand rankings we want to discuss an important tool that is available at www.cardschat.com. It is a poker odds calculator that will assist you with your decisions at each stage of the game. You simply select the cards in your hand, then your opponents hand and it will give you the odds pre-flop, and then post-flop, etc. You can even use it when you have multiple opponents. Once you become familiar with the hand rankings below you can practice using it.

High Card

If you get high cards then you can consider it worst. You will get no pair of cards and they will be from different suits also. The strongest card in your hand will determine your poker value. If in case you tie with another hand then the hands need to be compared to find the final winner. If in case the next cards also hold the same value then the third card will be considered then. After that the fourth and fifth will be considered to determine the winning hand.


If you have 1 pair of cards of different series and the rest of the cards are from different series then that is known as paired cards. In case of two pair hands the value is determined by the rank of the pair cards. After that the rest three cards come into the consideration.

Two Pair

If you get a couple of pairs in your hand then it is called as two pairs. In case of ties, the pairs will be considered first. After that, the other cards come to the scene to get counted.

Three of a Kind

If in case you get three same value cards and a couple of different cards then it is known as three of a kind. The three players usually determine the rank of the player. In case there is a tie the pairs are considered first and then the cards are come in front for consideration.


If all your cards are in sequence then this is known as straight. If in case there is a tie the high and low both is usually considered and sometimes the pot gets divided.


If all your cards are from same suit then that is known as flush. It follows the basic poker rules to determine your rank and select the winner.

Full House

This is actually three of kind and another pair. If the three pairs cannot determine the rank only then the last pair determine the rank and winner.

Four of a Kind

If you get one distinct card and four cards of same value then it is knows as four of a kind.

Straight Flush

If you get five consecutive cards from one set then that is known as straight flush. The pairs and then the distinct cards usually determine the winner in this case.

Royal Flush

Royal flush is considered as the highest hand. If you get five cards and all from the ace and they are like A-K-Q-J-10 from the same suit then you got a royal flush. This is surely the highest flush and can determine your winning smoothly.


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